Rissani (Tafilalt Oasis)

Morocco, a country of thousand contrasts, combines the diversity of its landscapes and its gastronomy with an exceptional cultural and human heritage.

Let’s just talk about Rissani or Sijilmassa as the second oldest town in Morocco after fez, simply it’s connecting the old past with our current ages.

Rissani is a small Moroccan city, located in the southeast of the Kingdom of Morocco, and it belongs to the province of Errachidia, in the Draa-Tafilalet region. The city of Rissani consists of the Oasis municipality, which is the municipality of Moulay Ali Sharif, and several village groups, including the Safalat group, Rissani, Ibn M’hamed, and the Ghurfa group.

The city of Rissani is located in the heart of the historic city of Sijilmasa, a city located near the city of Erfoud. About 20 km, and the population of Rissani is 22,209 (according to the 2014 census).

Al-Risani includes a large number of palaces, about 360 palaces. A large number of them were abandoned due to natural, economic or other conditions, towards the cities of the west and north, and towards the central city of Rissani in particular. The Rissani region is also characterized by coexisting ethnic and linguistic diversity so we notice a merger between the Amazigh and Arab Filali elements, but the “Al-Manai” and “Araibat” elements are weakly present they speak Arabic, but their customs differ from the Filali element.